Underdog Fitness is for those who are extremely determined and dedicated to reach their goals. Whether it’s years of unwanted weight gain which lowers your self esteem, isolates you and makes you want to quit. I Know…I WAS THERE AND I CARE.

Recovering from a challenging injury can make you feel old and worn out plus not improving your game can make you feel like a loser.…I WAS THERE AND I CARE. 

If you’re feeling hopeless, helpless and fear failure- call Underdog Fitness at (212) 574-7990. Your goals will soon become our goals and we will reach them TOGETHER. 

Failure is not an option, we’ll tailor design you a diet and workout so that it compliments your lifestyle.

Once we team up, my phone, Email & talents will be available to you so that  you stay motivated and held accountable to the plans we formulated – understand, now  you’re on a winning team.